A³ by Airbus Group, 2016      4 Weeks      Team: Tom Watson, Noelle Mosley, Ryan Wolf, Doruk Gurel

How might we reimagine and prototype the future of long haul air travel?


Project Overview

A³ by Airbus Group is a design studio paving the way for plane cabins of the future. Their concept Transpose, is a modular design that would allow different settings to be switched in and out of freighter-type planes between flights. Spas, bars and even gyms could be enjoyed on a flight. 

As part of the team, from Neon Black Design, exploring the future of this kind of air travel, I helped Airbus design an innovative inflight experience, by redesigning and user testing innovative seating arrangements, passenger flow and inflight activities.

Read about project insights & findings here:

Image: Transpose by Airbus Group

Image: Transpose by Airbus Group

Live User Testing

An old aircraft hangar at Crissy Field by the Golden Gate Bridge served as the location for our live user testing. The fuselage structure was completed in 4 days and housed the 3 hour live test with 70 “passengers” and 4 flight attendants. Findings, insights and recommendations were then shared with the Airbus team.


Ideation & Prototype Building

In the News

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