MIT Institute of Design, 2006      4 Years   •   Co-Founder: Aditi Bansal

I Did gives MIT ID’s students a platform to take their work and ideas to the next level — to the masses. It helps them from production & finance, to finding the right market for their ideas.


Lot of activities were undertaken as the co founder of I Did. Managing its growth right from building the retail structure, to launching it as a brand, and getting students to participate. It taught me a lot about handling logistics, publicity, finance and organizing while participating in exhibitions, design festivals, workshops to display and retail students work. A brand was created. Workshops were organized to spread awareness among the students and get them excited to collaborate with I Did. 

Shows & Exhibitions

We had a solo show at the Tilting Gallery, Ishanya to display and retail students work.
In 2012, we proudly saw I Did get selected to showcase our work at the prestigious Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.
In 2013, I Did was able to participate and showcase work at the Behance Portfolio Review.

Re-purposing for I Did

Most of the products designed for I Did take an everyday object (which has turned redundant) and re-propose it to create an entirely new function, while using as little additional material as possible.

  • Wine bottles and packaging corrugated paper were used to make a modular DIY table. The corrugated sheets, aligned with their flutes in opposite directions make the table stable and weight bearing. It’s modularity allows quick assembly and compact disassembly. The bottles can be used as a flower vase or to grow plants. You could also fill them with pebbles and store stationery.

  • Dry seeds from the delonix regia tree combined with some colourful wool are used to make ecofriendly rattles for kids.

  • Local bus tickets and bamboo are turned into trendy bangles.

  • Used crown caps are transformed into floating candles with some wax, wick and colour.


'I Did' featured in the Kyoorius Design Magazine