Stanford University, 2015   •   3 Week   •   Teammates: Ryan Wolff, William Medows, Nihir Shah, Tom Watson

Image:  Bombay Jules

The Inception

Many of us have this memory, while growing up, of running through freshly washed laundry hung out to dry. Feeling the cool of the fabrics on our faces and smelling the scent of freshness. Often in developed society we tend to forget and yearn this touch and smell. We were inspired to recreate this experience in the chaotic aesthetic of the worlds biggest outdoor laundry in Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai.

The Idea

We were given a grant at the Frost Music Festival where we covered a field with hundreds of yards of jasmine scented fabric suspended by repurposed washing machines. With the background of the music festival, visitors could walk, run, bike, and explore their way through the installation and experience a sweet childhood nostalgia or of an outdoor laundry.

The Process