Stanford d.school, 2014 - Present

Experimental Design Research Techniques

At the Social Innovation Week co-presented by AIGA San FranciscoCompostmodern & Gray Area Art + Technology, I was invited to teach experimental research techniques in a highly interactive lecture workshop format. We spoke about the Cultural Lenses of Design Research. Click here to read more about it.

Executive Education

At the d.school were are excited to share the design thinking methodology not only to student but also to executives from startups, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and the public sector. I have conducted daylong bootcamps to weeklong workshops for executives from Japan, South Korea, India, France, Switzerland and the US.

As the d.school says:

Creative confidence is built through doing, and executives in our programs roll up their sleeves and get into the field. They develop deep insights about the people they’re serving, and turn them into a powerful engine for innovation. Participants plow through a complete design cycle, leveraging low-resolution prototyping and high-frequency iteration to get to unexpected, big ideas.

It is of utmost importance that participants implement new behaviors of innovation into their work. During the workshop, each participant will create an action plan to do upon returning to work, to jump start an impactful and lasting innovation practice.

Human Centred Design Workshops

Conducted design thinking and social innovation workshop for students at Kyoto Institute of Design, Japan.

Teaching Assistant

Other classes I have instructed for professors at the Mechanical Engineering Department are Visual Thinking and Product Design Methods.

Design Leadership

In March 2017, I was invited at MIT Institute of Design in Pune, to conduct a day long interactive lecture and workshop about 'Design Leadership' for the final year students.