Stanford University, 2015      2 Weeks      Individual Project

The Inception

Growing up every object I interacted with was carefully curated by my father. Be it my clothes, my toys or the plates that I dined in, he filtered the very best aesthetics for me to interact with. There was thoughtfulness put into every object that came into the house. It was not only the objects themselves but also how they interacted with the other objects, the space around them and caring for them.

My mother always urged me to slow down and pay attention to the wonders in the little things. Our musings with seemingly trivial things like shadows, ants and sea shells often lead to both of us drawing and painting away onto any surface we could find.

For the Personal Statements Show, at Stanford University, I created a mundane space and populated it with mundane objects. But the everyday space and objects were carefully curated, restored and meditatively drawn upon; as a tribute to the influence my kin brings to me, my creative practice, my personal statement.

The Exhibit

The audience was invited to step in and immerse themselves completely in the environment. And by actively collaborating they were able to experience this creative influence, first hand.

"You created a world, maybe a flashback to your little girl self, from a tabula rasa, to a deeper layered, multi-level environment - with an invitation for us all to walk right in and become part of that world - one we could never have imagined without you!"

— Barbara Karanian, Professor, Stanford University - Mechanical Engineering Design

The Process

The space as how it is currently. People work, chill and get inspired in the midst of the mundane!