Stanford University, 2014      3 Weeks      Teammates: William Medaows

The Need

By conducting ethnographic research, we understood what motivates people to keep some objects for a long time or even forever. We then applied this understand to the redesign of a simple consumer product that is currently unsustainably manufactured.

The Insight

Our insights from the research showed us that increasing long distance and constantly moving families and friends have a high need for a deeper communication. We also saw the 70 billion dollar personal shipping industry as a big opportunity area.

Concept One: Our Box

‘Our Box’ reinvents throw away culture in packaging by reusing postage. With a flip top and the two addresses printed on each side, the box serves as a permanent medium between two people for meaningful exchange of goods.

The box comes with a screw driver and pen, which the two people can use to write messages on the inside of the box and keep track of the time as it’s been passed back and forth. As the box is used over and over again, it shows elegance in wear and tear. All of this collects memories to transform the characterless to something deeply personal. Each box is uniquely sourced by the ‘Our Box’ team and yet has a identifiable language because of the branding. The box thus becomes better with use and over time.

Concept Two: Digital Diary

A large number of people are constantly on the move today. This is making carrying objects of personal / emotional importance along with them difficult. 

‘Digital Diary’ lets you store and carry your favorite people, objects and events digitally with you, not matter where you are. You can add people, objects or events by either creating them yourself in the app or by uploading their photographs. You can then add memories and stories to each of these to make them meaningful and authentic.


You can carry all of your favorite memories with you across different places and over time with out the actual physical baggage. Your little world inside the app becomes meaningful and personal with use over time.