Stanford Design Program, 2014      7 Weeks      Individual Project

The Need

‘This & That’ was inspired by the need to have delightful desk objects that add playfulness and help unclutter work desks. ‘This & That’ can be used in as many ways as its owner wishes to, it also holds their special objects safe in secret compartments.

The Secret

The major challenge was to have secret compartments which only the owner knew the whereabouts and how to access it. For this it was essential to bring the different parts and materials together seamlessly.

The lower compartment of the triangular piece doesn’t open by hand. It can only be opened by the magnet under the cylindrical piece.

The cylindrical piece itself can be used to store smaller objects secretly.

Web new?.jpg

Many Uses

The form and the magnetism allows the product to be used in many different orientations. The user may discover these uses serendipitously. (Secret storage (x2), clock, pen stand, metal stationery holder (scissor/cutter), wire manager, pin holder, paper weight, coat hanger, book ends etc.)

Concept, Material & Process Explorations

Initial ideas were explored over numerous rapid sketches. A selected few were prototyped using paper and foam. Materials were procured keeping in mind material properties and function of the form. Many prototypes were made to test proportions, form and to practice process like welding and wood turning. Mild steel was transformed by sheet forming, milling, welding, brazing, sand blasting and spray painting. Aluminum rod was formed by turning, taping, sanding and buffing. Cherry wood was formed by turning, drilling, sanding and staining.